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Advancing Aviation In The Upper Midwest
In 2007, the Northern Minnesota and Northeast Wisconsin aviation sector was flying high with an estimated economic impact of 1.3 billion dollars to this region. The recession of 2008 had a major impact on the regional sector resulting in a serious operational challenge for the industry.

It is this backdrop that was the genesis of the Northern Aero Alliance (NAA) in 2009 when twelve (12) companies met to determine if there was merit for this sector to work together in collaborative strength. It was quickly determined that we could create opportunities for NAA members through strength in partnerships.

The NAA was organized with three primary objectives:

  1. Generate business opportunities for aviation group members.
  2. Support aviation-related economic development efforts.
  3. Draw national attention to our regional aviation sector.

Since the organization’s inception in 2009, all the original members are still in operation, two major aviation anchors have been added, we have built a new International Airport terminal, and membership in the NAA has tripled. The Northern Aero Alliance strives to tell our story as the aviation center of the upper Midwest and invites industry partners to explore the possibilities of success in our region. 

Advancing Aviation in the Upper Midwest