Northern Aero Alliance is a collaboration of aviation industry and agency stakeholders centered in Duluth, Minnesota.

The Alliance's vision is to increase the economic prominence of northeast Minnesota’s and northwest Wisconsin’s aeronautics stakeholders by providing a common voice and working collaboratively to enhance industry-wide success.                    

From building and outfitting airplanes to servicing aircraft to training future pilots and mechanics, the Duluth, MN / Superior, WI region is an aviation hub - rich in aviation history and activity.
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Aviation History
Duluth’s aviation history is significant. Pioneering aviators set forth a flight plan bringing Duluthians from the Wright Flyer through to modern day aviation. Preserving this rich history, protecting the archives, and presenting the chronology and the findings are invaluable and irreplaceable.
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Aviation Resources
The Northern Aero Alliance membership includes entities who partner with and support current and future members of Northern Aero Alliance and the aviation industry.
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Advancing Aviation in the Upper Midwest